Premier Online Retailer for Commercial Christmas & Holiday Decorations, Lighting & Custom Banners

At Clark Sales Display, we celebrate the Christmas season and other holidays with the products we sell.

We are the top online retailer of high-quality commercial Christmas and holiday decorations. Cities, towns, shopping malls and other commercial centers rely on us for wreaths, giant Christmas trees, light displays and more! Let us brighten up your commercial space with holiday cheer.

In addition to Christmas decorations, additional products we carry include:

  • Decorations for Other Holidays. Our selection includes products for 4th of July, Halloween, and Easter and spring.
  • Lighting. We sell incandescent and LED lights, as well as replacement lights and snowfall light tubes.
  • Banners. Our banner flags adorn street lights and lamp posts and will liven up your parking lot, downtown area or city streets, no matter the holiday or occasion.

Purchase or Lease Your Holiday Decorations & Light Pole Banners From Clark Sales Display, Inc.

If you need custom decorations or banners, we have you covered for every season, holiday and event. Our consultants work with our clients to create customized, one-of-a-kind decorations that are sure to be perfect for your shopping center, mall, school, church, town or other commercial space.

We also lease Christmas decorations. When you choose to lease decorations from us, we’ll take care of everything from installation, to maintenance, to removal after the holidays!

To get started decorating, browse our product selection online or contact us today at 800.962.7937.